Appendix D
Index of Scripts

A Simple Write to Screen

Concatenation Without "Preloading"

Concatenation With "Preloading"

Using HTML Tags

Simple Date and Time

Reflexes Test

Form Element Clock 1

Form Element Clock 2

Image Swap Clock 3

Basic Calendar

Event Calendar

Basic Quarter Calendar

Alert Dialog Box

Confirm Dialog Box

Prompt Dialog Box

String Analysis

Using .substring() Calls

Mathematics Calls

Focusing a Form Element

Focus, Select a Form Element

New Window for Existing Document

Opening and Writing to New Window

Simple "onMouseOver" Action

Arrayed "onMouseOver" Actions

onMouseOver in Image Maps

Rotation - Dynamic onClick Actions

Reading Browser Memory

>Using the Location Parsing Calls

JavaScript Using defaultValue

Reading Form Element Values

Reading Radio Button Values

Arrays for Parsing Databases

Searching Databases

Formless Keyboard Input

Playing Sound Files

Form Element, Status Line Scrollers

Simple Animation

Screen Control of Animation

HTML to JavaScript Conversion


© Copyright 1997, John H. Keyes