$9.95 (US)
The Ugly

How to Cobble Code Together
Without Knowing What
You Are Doing

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"Worldwide Data Transmission Publishers"

© Copyright 1997, John H. Keyes

Table of Contents

About this Book

Chapter One
The Basics - Stuff Ya Just Gotta Know

Chapter Two
Writing Your First JavaScripts

Chapter Three
Advanced Screen Writing: Targeting

Chapter Four
All the Logic You Need to Know

Chapter Five
Clocks and Calendars

Chapter Six
Alert, Prompt and Confirm Boxes

Chapter Seven
Doing Stuff with Strings

Chapter Eight
Performing Calculations - Mathematics

Chapter Nine
Navigating the "Go" List

Chapter Ten
Controlling the Cursor on the Page

Chapter Eleven
Interacting with the Visitor

Chapter Twelve
Error Messages

Chapter Thirteen
Reading Browser Memory

Chapter Fourteen
The Assorted Location Calls

Chapter Fifteen
Changing Horses in Midstream

Chapter Sixteen
Arrays: What They Are and Using Them

Chapter Seventeen
Databases: Fielded Versus Amorphous

Chapter Eighteen
Knowing What the User Has Typed

Chapter Nineteen
Combining Perl and JavaScript

Chapter Twenty
Playing and Controlling Sound Files

Chapter Twenty-One
Scrolling On Screen and Status Line

Chapter Twenty-Two
Image Swaps and Animation

Chapter Twenty-Three
Making Life Easier

Appendix A
Index of Calls

Appendix B
Words You Can't Use

Appendix C
Literal Color Calls

Appendix D
Index of Scripts

© Copyright 1997, John H. Keyes john.keyes@intellink.net